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 Vehicle Model Model Number Data Sheet

 Articulated/ Off Highway Truck: 725, 730, 735, 740, 769, 775
 Bulldozer: D6R XLSU
 Hydraulic Excavator: 319 DL, 320, 324 D, 390
 Wheel Excavator: M316C
 Wheel Loader: 8050, 966 G, 966 H, 980 G, 980 H
 Generator: Various


 Technical Infomation

If your vehicle is not listed above it is probable that from our range of Anti-Siphon Devices we can supply an ASD that will suite your needs. To do this we need you to provide us with details of your vehicle's fuel tank.

Below is a link to the download of a pdf document that we would like you to complete and return to us by email to Info@FuelDefend.com

Download Measurement Template