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Fuel theft rocks cash strapped TRL (Tanzania )

24th February 2013

Minister for Transport Dr Harison Mwakyembe has tasked the newly formed Tanzania Railway Limited (TRL) Board to immediately stop the transportation of train fuel from Dar es Salaam to its various stations in the country by using road network since the system contributes to rising fuel theft in the cash strapped state owned company.
Currently, the TRL transports train fuel from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro, Dodoma and other stations by using lorries, which contravenes the policy of promoting rail transport, and also damages roads due to heavy cargo trucks.

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Fuel theft 'gang' sweeping strathearn

Police this week issued a warning to Strathearn residents following a spate of oil thefts in the area.

Over the past few weeks, around 12 incidents of thieves stealing diesel from lorries and heating oil from domestic fuel tanks have been reported.

The culprits appear to be carrying out the attacks in the middle of the night and are forcing open the diesel caps on unattended HGVs and breaking padlocks on oil storage tanks at residents' homes before siphoning-off the fuel.

Some homes and businesses have been targeted more than once and officers believe the same gang is behind all the incidents which have taken place at locations in the Crieff, Auchterarder, Muthill and Braco areas.

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Fuel theft alert in West Fife

WEST Fifers are being warned after thousands of pounds worth of fuel was stolen from unattended vehicles recently.

Diesel tanks have also been targeted in rural areas and police are calling on people to report any suspicious activity.

PC Keith McLeod said, "Due to the rural location of many storage tanks and vehicles in the area it is essential to take steps to properly secure them."

"Vehicles should be stored in a secure building or compound and consideration given to 'draining down' while not in use.

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Surrey Police warn drivers over spate of fuel thefts

Police have warned drivers to secure their fuel caps following a spate of thefts in a part of Surrey.

Surrey Police said there have been three reports of fuel theft in Elmbridge over the past week, following a spate of similar crimes in December.

Officers have warned the thefts may continue after the culprits discovered an "easy source of income".

Drivers have been advised to fit lockable fuel caps and anti-siphon devices.

Fuel fraud and theft prevention results in R40 million in fuel savings

13 February 2013 - Fuel fraud and theft − two of the major causes of significant financial losses to the vehicle fleet industry − have been dealt a major blow by an innovative product offered to clients by Avis Fleet Services which has, since its introduction, benefited clients to the tune of more than R40 million in savings.

"Although many financial institutions offer fleet clients fuel monitoring reports, the weakness in the system is keeping track of fuel consumption, when fleet operators have more than one source of fuel data, like a home base facility, a split between two or more fleet card service providers, or accounts with specific retailers. This major obstacle is now something that has been solved with Avis Fleet Services' intelligent fuel management system," Hein Crocker, who heads up the operation, says.

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