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Fuel theft increases as fuel prices continue rising

jakes de kockFurther security needed for fuel tanks warns

Following two cases of high volume fuel theft in November alone, The Fuelcard Company is warning hauliers and transport operators to be extra vigilant against thieves.

Fuel theft accounted for nearly two thirds (64 percent) of all thefts from LGVs last year , over 1,600 cases. Nationally, this is a 17 percent year on year rise with the number of incidents expected to increase further as fuel prices continue to escalate. The recent thefts of £7,000 of diesel from a large fuel tank at one of North Yorkshire Council's highway depots and emptying of coach tanks at a transport company in Norfolk, demonstrate the varied approaches taken by thieves.

In the Norfolk case, fuel caps were removed from the vehicles, which had been securely locked in the company's compound, and fuel siphoned directly from the tanks. Each vehicle lost an estimated £1,000 in fuel leaving the coaches unable to undertake their daily school run and the owners having to replace the stolen diesel. This could be detrimental to the business' survival.

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Patrol foils fuel thieves

A routine police patrol disturbed thieves in the middle of stealing diesel from a lorry alongside the A1 in Rutland.

Officers discovered the theft in progress at the Woolfox lay-by on the northbound carriageway early yesterday morning.

Police have been patrolling lay-bys after a series of similar thefts and discovered a pipe leading from a lorry's fuel tank into a container.

Police seized a Mitsubishi 4X4 parked nearby which had several 25-litre fuel containers on board. The keys were still in the ignition, but there was no sign of the driver.

Sgt Lee Morris said: "The driver of the Slovakian lorry was still asleep while the theft was taking place. It's believed whoever was stealing the fuel was disturbed and ran off."

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Kent lorry fuel thieves damage farmer's crops

A farmer has claimed thieves siphoning diesel from lorries parked overnight in a lay-by in Kent are using his field as an escape route.

Richard Price said 4x4 vehicles were regularly driven across his crops in Sellindge, leaving them damaged.

Police said there had been 60 reports of diesel theft from lorries in Kent this year and it had increased patrols.
The Freight Transport Association has called for safer places for drivers to take their legally-required breaks.

Spokeswoman Natalie Chapman said the problem had escalated in line with the price of diesel.

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Petrol prices rise after brief halt, AA finds

price risesThe price of petrol at the pumps is rising again after weeks of falls.

The AA says the average cost of a litre of petrol is now 132.18p, with diesel at 137.26p.

Petrol prices peaked at 142.48p a litre in April but fell to 130.81p at the beginning of this month, before going up again.

AA president Edmund King said: "It was inevitable that pump prices would eventually rise again but... what is driving them up?"

He said: "Is it the fundamentals of supply and demand or speculation in the oil and wholesale fuel markets? Current evidence seems to suggest the latter."

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Men sentenced for diesel theft

A man from Peterborough caught with more than 200 cans of stolen diesel worth £6,000 was jailed on Friday (25 May).

Tomas Staciukevicius was caught by police with his friend Marijus Mejeris in a car park with the diesel, stolen moments before from lorries belonging to brick company Hanson, in London Road, in the early hours of January 22.

The pair appeared at Peterborough Crown Court, where Staciukevicius (29), of Crawthorne Road, Peterborough, was jailed for eight months after pleading guilty to handling stolen goods and going equipped for theft.

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