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Lorry drivers warned after fuel thefts

LORRY drivers in south Lincolnshire have been warned to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour after two diesel thefts this week.

Fuel thieves struck overnight between Tuesday and yesterday, first stealing 200 litres of diesel from a Volvo lorry parked on a lay-by on the A17 at Fleet, near Holbeach.

A similar amount of diesel was also stolen from a DAF truck on the A16 at Cowbit. Police are keeping an open mind as to whether to the two incidents are linked.

Anyone with information about the Fleet theft should call police on 101, quoting incident number 29 of May 2, while any witnesses to the Cowbit theft should call the same number, quoting incident number 48 of May 2.

Alternatively, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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Dorset fuel theft gang caught on CCTV

CCTV which showing the theft

A GANG was caught on CCTV siphoning diesel from lorries in a spate of fuel thefts in the Dorchester area.

Diesel was stolen from six lorries and a fuel tank at JW Scaffolding in Wanchard Lane, Charminster, and another six lorries were drained at Bardon Aggregates, Warmwell Quarry.

Around 500 litres of diesel, worth at least £500, was stolen from the vehicles at the quarry, where CCTV captured the thieves.

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Farm fuel thefts alarm

Farmers are being warned to be vigilant following a spate of fuel thefts from lorries and agricultural vehicles in Somerset over the past month.

Early Saturday morning, thieves broke into a farm in Street and attacked four vehicles. Fuel caps were prised off and diesel siphoned from two Landrovers and two tractors parked in the farmyard.

On March 24, a gang forced entry to a yard at Commerce Park in Frome and siphoned fuel from two lorries at the location.

Also, in the past month intruders have entered a yard in Chilcompton for the second time and siphoned hundreds of pounds worth of diesel from several lorries parked overnight at the location.

In Evercreech, offenders struck three times at the same location, forcing entry overnight to the property and siphoning fuel from at least eight vehicles. In the last few weeks in Gurney Slade, offenders broke into a yard in the dead of the night and stole £800 of diesel from three lorries parked at the location.

Fuel theft warning

POLICE are appealing for information following a spate of thefts in Selkirk's Dunsdale Road and Riverside industrial areas over the weekend.

Thieves tried to steal fuel from three timber lorries in a Dunsdale Road compound on Sunday between 9-9.30pm. And between 4pm on Saturday and 7am on Monday, vehicles in a building and civil yard at Rogers Road were tampered with and fuel stolen. Also fuel was stolen from a vehicle in the recycling depot at Riverside Road overnight between Sunday 6pm and Monday 6am.

Officers are asking anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in these areas or anyone with information about the thefts to contact them.

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Motorists are targets of latest crime trend – fuel theft

High fuel prices driving up damage from petrol and diesel theft, while catalytic converters are being stolen for metal content

Motorists whose cars refuse to start this Christmas could be victims of the latest austerity trend – fuel and catalytic converter theft.

Insurers and car rescue services are reporting a small but rising number of thefts, predominantly from commercial vehicles but increasingly from domestic cars. The AA says its officers are being called out about once a week to cars that have been damaged during a fuel theft, while police in North Lincolnshire have warned motorists to keep their vehicles secure after a spate of thefts in December. In some areas of the country, motorists have been advised to get their catalytic converters marked to prevent thieves from selling the items on to scrap dealers.

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