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Man accused of stealing 54,884 gallons of gas

Stealing from your employer of 26-years isn't a good Plan B career move.

dennis lawsonEscambia County Sheriff's deputies say Saturday Dennis Lawson, 56, stole over 54,000 gallons of diesel fuel worth over $179,000 over a 2-year period, reports the Santa Rosa Press-Gazette.

The one-man gas guzzler from Milton had worked for a company that transports fuel and was observed siphoning fuel from their drums, then selling the pilfered fuel at a lower cost from an off-site self-storage unit.

Fuel Theft Threatens to Run Businesses Dry

Theft of fuel is becoming a major problem for UK businesses. The combination of a weak economy and rapidly rising oil prices is leading to a higher incidence of non-payment at the pumps, attacks on parked vehicles and stealing by employees.

Hauliers are complaining that thieves are now targeting the diesel being carried by trucks rather then their cargo. The BBC reports Dennis Davenport of haulage company HMT as saying: "At one time we would have been concerned that if someone attacked the lorry they'd be looking to see what the cargo was."
But today: "The fuel you carry is now more valuable than the cargo."

Big vehicles can carry 1,000 litres of fuel, worth nearly £1,500. It's easy to dispose of and untraceable.

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