About us

FuelDefend Global Ltd (FDG) was founded in the UK in 2005. FDG specialise in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality, easily-fitted anti-fuel theft devices for aftermarket and OEM fitment. Operating worldwide, Russell Fowler, founder, Chairman and CEO of FDG, established the company as the world’s first provider of top quality and effective Anti-Siphon Devices (ASD’s) for the automotive industry.

Our products have been proven to be the most effective anti-fuel theft device on the market and is extremely cost-effective, and for a small investment it could save a company thousands in terms of stolen fuel and vehicle downtime.

Providing over 1 million devices worldwide the company is now the trusted choice in supplying security and safety solutions against fuel theft across the automotive industry, working with major parts distributors, small distributors, commission-based agents and reseller worldwide, as well as supplying to leading Truck Manufacturers.

Mission Statement

We continue to invent and design new innovative solutions via our in-house and virtual technical design team to evolve with the demands of our customers and ever-changing motor industry and its guidelines.

Our mission is to become the leading anti-fuel theft device creator, manufacturer and supplier, of stopping fuel theft globally

FuelDefend Product Range