WheelStopIt! The world's leading coded anti-theft wheel security nuts to stop wheel and tyre theft.

Features & Benefits
  • One security nut per wheel stops wheel theft
  • One security nut per wheel stops tire swapping
  • Multiple codes
  • Super robust for all vehicles – metric and imperial
  • Torque up to normal levels
  • Models to fit all vehicles from trucks to mining vehicles
  • Superb engineering for lifelong operations
  • Specialist finishes for specialist environments
  • Versions for aluminium and steel wheels

StopSpill Valve

StopSpill is the world’s first optional Anti-Spill Valve (ASV). StopSpill is designed to prevent fuel spillages, fuel sloshing in normal use and spillage in an overturned truck.

Features & Benefits
  • Prevents fuel spillages, road accidents and deaths
  • Easy installation with retro fit
  • Complies with the UK spillages laws
  • Accepts a large high speed ZVA32 fuel gun.